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​Iris table tennis stadium

Estadio de tenis de mesa iris🏓

[Location of Iris Table Stadium]
A 5-minute walk from Kenritsudaigaku Station, the station next to Yokosuka Chuo Station!


Hamaoka coach
〇Participated in 19 national competitions
〇All Japan Hopes Best 16
〇All Japan Cadet Best 16
〇2018 All Japan Championship participation
〇Graduated from an educational university,
former teacher of mathematics high school
〇Guidance for Latin American national team representatives for 2 years

Private lessons or table tennis table rental available!

Private Lesson fee (30 minutes each time)
[Only once]
1 time → 2500 yen
[When purchasing coupon tickets]
4 sheets → 9400 yen ,6 sheets → 12600 yen ,8 sheets → 14000 yen 

Table tennis table rental 30 minutes 600 yen!

Reservations are required for both
private lessons and table tennis table rental!

Please write your desired content and desired schedule here and contact us.

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